Training Services
Onsite Training @ Your Place
We offer four training modules—Windows Basics, Advanced Windows, Internet Basics and Advanced Internet—in the comfort of your home or office and utilizing your equipment, your software applications, and your specific questions/needs—on an hourly basis. Each module is designed for one hour.
Our hourly rate of $65 applies to each individual module, but two simultaneous modules may be contracted for $110, three simultaneous modules for $165, or all four in one setting for $200.
In our experience, two-hour sessions seem to be the most beneficial and cost-effective.

Hands-On(line) Interactive Training
We are currently developing an online version of the above four modules to make the training more accessible and more affordable—we expect to go live on October 15, 2012.
The online training will cost $5 for a 30-day subcription period with unlimited views of all modules during the 30-day period.