Step-by-Step Guide to Diagnose & Clean Your Own PC
Available November 15, 2012
$15, 12-month subscription with periodic Tips 'n Tricks e-Mail
Available in Printable PDF Format AND Streaming Video
Live, Confirmed Links to Proven Shareware & Freeware
First, print-out the PDF Guide as soon as you complete your subscription and file it in a convenient and safe location
Second, view the Streaming Videos to familiarize yourself with the process BEFORE you need it
Third, view the Online Guide with live hyperlinks to download and install the recommended Freeware & Shareware
Emergency Recovery
First, find a computer with Internet access AND a printer
Second, obtain a USB FLASHDRIVE (a.k.a. THUMBDRIVE)
Third, from the Internet-connected computer print-out the PDF Guide and read through it
Fourth, while still on the Internet-connected computer view the Online Guide with live hyperlinks to download the recommended Freeware & Shareware to your FLASHDRIVE
Fifth, before leaving the Internet-connected computer, if any of the steps were unclear to you within the PDF, view the relevant online video(s) for clarification
Sixth, take the printed GUIDE and your FLASHDRIVE back to your computer and recover it!