Computer Setup & Orientation
Physically connect and configure PC computer system(s) (computer(s), monitor(s), keyboard(s), mice, printer(s), speaker(s), update(s), network connectivity–hardware and software)
Organize and Label wires and cables
Configure User Accounts (logons)
Configure new computer(s) to access your Internet account(s), including e-mail.

Related Services

Data Transfer from Old PC
Transfer your old computer data files to the new computer, or to a different medium (DVD, external hard drive)

Create System Repair Disc(s) and/or System Image Disc(s)
Windows systems no longer ship with CDs/DVDs to restore your computer or reinstall software; however, they do provide an application to create System Repair Discs and System Image Discs.
We will show you how to access and run these, but customers frequently ask us to run both routines while we are already onsite.